It's not like if you gave Brittany Gilmore a box of crayons and a coloring book that she couldn't keep inside the lines. No, it's more like she'd just start ripping out the pages and folding them into flowers or something. Unconventional. That's a good word for her. Gilmore doesn't typically hold down a 'normal' job because she doesn't like the idea of waking up and doing the same thing everyday. There's no allure in that for her, and yet she admits that possessing a lack of robotic tendencies or civilized structure isn't always the easiest path to walk on. "I have to actively go out of my way just to not have a normal schedule," she says. 

So what do Tinkerbell, Dora The Explorer, Lady Gaga and the Serta Mattress Sheep have to do with any of this? Well, they're all characters that Gilmore has portrayed at one point or another as a means of paying the bills. Making cameo appearances at kid's birthday parties and such, she's dressed up as almost every Disney Princess that exists. She's also worked a job in Los Angeles' Korea Town as a sort of party pumper keeping drunks entertained for hours with her Korean Karaoke skills. But all of these gigs (however odd they may sound) totally make sense when you think about it. Because Binx is pretty much just doing what she's good at. Entertaining fantasies yet being present enough that she can orchestrate an entire room of strangers. 

Wait. Who's Binx? Well, one answer to that is of course that 'Binx' is Brittany Gilmore's stage name. And yes, that's kind of accurate. It's also just a nickname she's had for years. On one hand, you could say that 'Binx' is Gilmore's sort of alter-ego. Maybe like Bruce Wayne's 'Batman'. But on the other hand, the name 'Binx' is really just another example of Gilmore refusing to follow any set of rules. She has multiple names. Just like she has multiple interests, jobs, and sometimes even personalities. 

Which brings us to Freddy Mercury. An artist that Binx idolized as a kid, the lead singer of the band Queen is pretty much the epitome of a performer who makes music outside of the box. There's nothing conventional about Queen. There's nothing about their music that feels like there was any kind of strategic formula involved. It's fun and it's alive. And it's exactly that type of art that Binx is inspired by. "Oh Stevie Nicks and David Bowie," she says. "They were big for me too." 

Binx is one of those 'I started singing when I started talking' scenarios. She understood harmonies and melodies in a way that young children shouldn't. Music was always built into her, and that's really all there is to it. She has sung in an all female traveling acapella group for over 12 years. And then there was that time when she took a job as the lead singer for a classic rock cover band. And you know how they say sometimes all of these things will one day merge together for some common purpose? Well, that very well may be her latest adventure … her debut album. For the past couple of years, Binx has been writing and recording songs in her spare hours. She's been taking her time to develop her sound and making sure her music is expressing how she truly feels. Nothing has been rushed, nothing has been messy. Her music making process has been loose and free perhaps, but never messy. She has worked with producers Peter DeWitt and Danny Shyman to build a team around her with which she has worked closely for the album. Binx says the project draws from influences like Imogen Heap, Beach House, Regina Specktor, John Legend, Jewel, Pink Floyd, Rhye, Kimbra and of course Ella Fitzgerald just to name a few. The album will be preceded by a five song EP that is set to release in January and will feature the debut single 'Closer'. 

So that's it. That is everything you need to know about Binx. Oh, except that she loves to conduct her own social experiments. Like standing awkwardly close to people in elevators. Just a warning in case you are ever in an elevator with her.